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A Guide to Wellness for Kayakers

Kayak Guide Justin's routine for great health & fitness

This is the workout & daily life plan I follow that gives me amazing health and energy and keeps me injury-free! Unfortunately progress comes from doing things you don't like, there are some days I don't want to go to the gym or carry the boat to the water but I do it anyway. The mind is the biggest challenge. Just get yourself moving and the rest follows. Every body is different but this might work for you!

  • Sunlight in the eyes for 5-10 minutes within first hour of waking. I go for a water check or walk as soon as I wake up. Even if no sun, get outside as soon as you can after getting up.

  • Hold off on coffee, caffiene, energy drinks and screens (Smartphones, TV's, Computers) for the first 60-90 minutes of waking up.

  • Stretch your body at the start of everyday, 7 days per week. Must be consistent, no excuses. 10-15 minutes minimum, 30 minutes is ideal, yoga is highly reccomended.

  • Hydrate with water only for first hour and hydrate well. This is a must-do. Water is the drink of wise men and women.

  • Cold water shower or ice bath for 3 minutes. Guaranteed to eliminate depression and center mood. To be very honest, it sucks, it hurts but the results are astounding. Not just a fad and really great conditioning for enduring the sea kayaking elements.

  • Fasting just 3 mornings per week, eat natural whole foods rest of time, no fats before noon.

Easy Formula for Healthy Living

  • Sleep is the most important factor in great physical health. Everyone is different so find the ideal amount of sleep that works for you but stick to going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday. 20% of the time you can cheat and and stay up late but consistency is the key.

  • Stretching is the key. Yoga is ideal and the benefits are too numerous to list here. People ask me all the time 'how I can run three kayak tours and day pushing 50 years old' when all the guides around me are in their 20's and can't keep up. Even if I don't go kayaking or go to the gym I make sure to stretch. The result is a flexible body that is now primed for activity and muscle development. Most improtantly, you'll feel more comfortable in your body throughout your daily activities which over time leads to a happier life. It takes time but the results will astound you and allow you to do amazing things! 

  • Strength training is totally doable for anyone and neccesary, especially for aging men and women. It's not just about the muscles you can see but the balance of hormone production in you body as well. For aging men, it's critical for good health and testosterone production and you only need to 5 excercises. Start by going to gym 1x per week for first month, then 2x week the second month. After that goas much as you can while givng yourself 48hrs rest in between workouts

  • Kayaking regularly will keep you conditioned and help your skills progress. It all comes down to just getting your butt in that boat and logging the hours if you want to grow your skills. Create regular schedule around work and personal life to make time for yourself to pursue your passions. Life is too short. Sleep 8 hours, work 8 hours and make the best possible use of the other 8 hours! I will say that just going paddling once a week is not enough exercise to stay fit without an exercise program to supplement. The whole reason we do all this is to be comfortable and successful in our kayak expeditions. Turst me. It will pay off. There will be a day you get in that boat and feel great.


Be dedicated!

Full Body Workout Routine 1hr + cardio rowing and swim to practice underwater breath control




3-5x sets, AMRAP, long rest between sets 

Overhead Press w/ barbell

3x sets, 6-8 reps

Barbell Rowing

3x sets, 6-8 reps


3-4 sets to reach 50

Bench Press

3x sets of 5-8 reps

Incline bench dumbell chest press

3x sets, 6-8 reps


3x sets, 6-8 reps


1 set of 5

Knee Raises/leg lifts/crunches

5 sets throughout workout


3 sets

Rowing Machine


Swimming laps

practice under water breath control and endurance

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